oncoJC: Radiation Oncology

On August 23rd, we produced the first in our new series of online Journal Clubs. Dr. med. Andreas Meister from the Kantonsspital Aarau presented the study “Rethinking Strategies for Stage III NSCLC” by Jeffrey Bradley, MD and discussed it with Dr. red. nat. Gerd Lutters, Dr. med. Jürg Heuberger and Prof. Niloy Datta form the Radiation Oncology Department of the Kantonsspital Aarau.

Many thanks to everybody involved and supportive of the project.
Recorded on August 23rd. Technical support: Michael Heuser. Production: Relatris.ch
With the financial support of AMGEN.

New treatment options for advanced prostate carcinoma

Another video from onclive.com, this time from the advanced prostate cancer series. The discussants talk about new treatment options, online since Friday July 12th. 2013.

How should we integrate new immunotherapies into treatment strategies for lung cancer?

Drs. Jack West, Mary Pinder, and Nate Pennell review various ways in which emerging immunotherapies could be effectively incorporated into our treatment strategies for lung cancer, potentially adding to or replacing current options.

Published 10th of July 2013 by http://cancerGRACE.org/