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New treatment options for advanced prostate carcinoma

Another video from, this time from the advanced prostate cancer series. The discussants talk about new treatment options, online since Friday July 12th. 2013.

oncoJC: Urogenital Cancer

On April 10th, 2013, our first “all-online” Journal Club was moderated by Dr. med. Richard Cathomas and joined by PD Dr. med. Frank Stenner and Dr. med. Philippe von Burg. The paper discussed was 2-weekly vs. 3-weekly docetaxel to treat castration-resistant prostate cancer: a randomised phase 3 trial by Kellokumpu-Lehtinen et al.; Lancet Oncology 2013;14:117-124 (abstract).

After a short introduction to the paper by Richard Cathomas, the participant discussed the value and the limitations of the finding that a 2-weekly administration of docetaxel leads to comparable results to a 3-weekly scheme, if a change of therapy will be implemented in their clinical work and if so, for which patients.

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